Professional Perception

10 Jul

When researching what professionals believed about my hot topic there was a lot of mixed opinion. There are many positive outcomes with technology in classrooms, but there are also some negatives. For example, in Bret Mawson’s article he discusses the negative factors that could arise with having technology in the classroom. The first was the time needed to devote in incorporating technology in the classroom with teaching. In the article “What makes teachers use technology in the classroom? Exploring the factors affecting facilitation of technology with a Korean sample,” the authors discuss why technology enhance education. There is many research articles and professionals discussing both the good and the bad. 

Baek, Y., Jung, J., & Kim, B. (2008). What makes teachers use technology in the classroom? Exploring the factors affecting facilitation of technology with a Korean sample. Computers & Education50(1), 224-234. doi:10.1016/j.compedu.2006.05.002

Mawson, B. (2007). Factors Affecting Learning in Technology in the Early Years at School.International Journal Of Technology & Design Education17(3), 253-269. doi:10.1007/s10798-006-9001-5


Popular Belief

9 Jul

When researching the effects that technology has on teaching in classrooms there were many mixed opinions. The most popular belief with the non professionals was that technology was a necessity in the classroom. Most individuals discussed how programs such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel need to be taught to students for future success. Many of the articles also discussed the effects of technology on teachers. Teachers are more of a facilitator with technology, rather than just being someone who lectures the students. With technology students become more active in their work. There are also many other positive outcomes in having technology in he classroom as listed in the links. The most common ones discussed is that it makes teaching and learning a lot easier.

Hot Topic

3 Jul

The Hot Topic in Middle School that I will be discussing on my blog is technology and how it is affecting teachers as well as students. Many people believe that new technology can only advance education, but for some it’s just making matters worse. Many teachers are being affected by technology, but why? How can technology hinder the education of children? Well that is exactly what I will be discussing!



Hot Topic…

29 Jun

Be sure to leave comments on the last three articles telling me what you think and which Hot Topic is most interesting to you!


No Worries, Teaching is Easy

28 Jun

Is teaching an easy job? Can anyone do it? Questions that are always asked, with many answers from people with many different opinions. In the article “For Teachers, Middle School Is Test of Wills” author Elissa Gootman discusses the harsh things many teachers must go through, specifically in school with a high amount of violence and a low academic performance rate. Gootman discusses the challenges America is having changing these middle schools and making them better. The major problem teachers are having in middle school is the amount of anger in the classroom. Gootman quotes a teacher saying “twice as much time was spent on putting out fires; twice as much time was spent getting the class quiet. Twice as much time was spent on defusing anger in the kids” These teachers are having a very rough time teaching. Many studies also find that a lot of middle-school teachers are often lacking the knowledge they need in teaching middle-school students, not knowing much about young adolescent psychology. This must be fixed, but how?

Gootman, Elissa. “For Teachers, Middle School Is Test of Wills.” The New York Times. The New York Times, 17 Mar. 2007. Web. 27 June 2012. <;.

Do You Remember Your Middle School Friends

28 Jun

Do most people even remember who they were friends with in middle-school ten or twenty years later? Well University of Oregon psychologists say it can affect potential success or failure in the future. Rick Nauert discusses why your middle-school friends can have such an impact on ones life in his article “Middle-School Friends Are Critical For Future Success.” Middle-school is a huge transition for students, they are given more of an opportunity to interact more. In grade school students typically have one teacher, and stay in the same classroom all day, but during the middle-school years students begin to have more than one teacher and having more of an opportunity to make more friends.”A new study, appearing in the February issue of the Journal of Early Adolescence , found that boys and girls whose friends are socially active in ways where rules are respected do better in their classroom work” Nauert cites in his article. Who did you hang out with in middle-school? Do you think they had an affect on where you are now with your life?

Nauert, Rick. “Middle-School Friends Are Critical For Future Success | Psych Central News.” Psych Central. Psych Central, 13 Jan. 2011. Web. 27 June 2012. <;.

Math in Middle School

28 Jun

Throughout my middle school years I was always taught the “old school way” and that was to simply count your fingers. But through the years it is apparent that technology is becoming more and more popular even with kids. In the article “Why Johnny Can’t Add Without a Calculator” the author Konstantin Kakaes is discussing how the rise in technology is affecting the education of young people. For example Kakaes main focus in this article is comparing the change in education to the change in agriculture. Education today is now relying more and more on technology making it more difficult for many teachers especially those teaching math and science. It is beginning to do to our educational system what the transformation to industrial agriculture has done to our food system over the past half century: efficiently produce a deluge of cheap, empty calories, Kakaes states in the article. Do all math and science teachers feel this way? Are they all having a more difficult time teaching with the new technology that just keeps on coming?

Kakaes, Konstantin. “Why Johnny Can’t Add Without a Calculator.” Slate Magazine. The Slate Group, 25 June 2012. Web. 25 June 2012. <;.


Citation in Middle School Education

27 Jun

When researching what citation is most commonly used in Middle School Education I had a pretty good guess on what it would be, and I was correct. The most citation that is most commonly used in that field is APA format for both teachers as well as students. There are many online resources for middle school students that the schools post, allowing those middle school students access on how to write a bibliography in APA format which helped me determine that the APA format was more common than any other format.

Definition to the Definition

26 Jun

What is Middle School Education?Image

      The discipline of Middle School Education with a focus on Mathematics involves many things. It involves not only educating those through their adolescent years but also involves helping those adolescents develop socially, emotionally, as well as intellectually. It is a commitment to children with many different learning styles and meeting the needs of all of them. As well as being committed to working with children from different ethnicity, language, gender, age, class, and family background (University of Cincinnati).    The discipline also includes the ability to not only work with children but their family as well as other faculty. Lastly, it involves being educated and knowledgeable in both mathematics as well as social studies.

“Academics, University of Cincinnati.” Academics, University of Cincinnati. University of Cincinnati, n.d.     Web. 21 June 2012. <;.

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26 Jun

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